Cover of the 2022 Enterprise sustainability update.

In this 2022 Enterprise Sustainability Update our sustainability efforts — across purposeful innovation, environmental stewardship, and enhancing our social impact — stay true to our core values and uphold our brand promise: Together, improving life.

We have collected our last year’s progress and initiatives towards our goals. Some highlights you will find in this edition:

  • Our carbon emissions have dropped significantly – down 17% compared with our 2016 baseline.
  • 39% of our plants are certified to ISO 14001 standards for environmental management.
  • More than 110 projects are focused on environmental sustainability and sustaining and improving human well-being.
  • 100% of the electricity used in our German facilities now comes from renewable sources, and around 87% in China.

"We are issuing a new update, one step forward in our sustainability journey, sharing our progress, highlights and our sustainability approach for the future," says Gore’s enterprise sustainability leader Bernhard Kiehl. "Today, we are working on more than 110 innovation projects focused on environmental sustainability and sustaining and improving human wellbeing. By 2031, we expect our innovation portfolio in these areas to account for more than 80% of new product revenue."

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