GORE® Aerospace High Speed Data Cables

From the cockpit to the tail, Gore’s high-speed data cables for civil and defense aircraft meet industry performance expectations and solve many protection and routing challenges. By combining our dielectric expertise with our innovative fluoropolymer materials, we deliver compact, flexible, and routable designs that significantly improve system performance in your aircraft.

For decades, we’ve provided cables that deliver complete reliability in critical electronics and IFEC systems for a more secure, connected aircraft. Whatever solutions you need to meet the latest protocols and system requirements, you can trust that our products will perform without failure in the harshest conditions over the life of your aircraft.

GORE® Ethernet Cables

Image of GORE Ethernet CablesAvailable in multiple configurations, our cables meet and even exceed the latest standardized protocol requirements. Our award-winning Cat6a version is approved to SAE AS6070™ standards and on the QPL. We continue to collaborate with manufacturers like Amphenol and Kontron to deliver optimal Ethernet interconnect solutions.

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GORE® Shielded Twisted Pair Cables

Image of GORE Shielded Twisted Pair CablesIdeal for routing in aerospace harness applications, our low-profile cables are significantly smaller, lighter, and more flexible than alternative designs. They utilize low-voltage differential signals (LVDS) with controlled impedance for reliable high data rate transmission in demanding aircraft environments.

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GORE® CAN Bus Cables

Image of GORE CAN Bus CablesOur cables continuously stream data and video at high speeds on avionics networks while maintaining controlled impedance no matter the conditions inside or outside the aircraft. They include a unique inverted dielectric that makes wire prep and insertion in smaller connectors much easier.

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GORE® Quad Cables (Specialty Version)

Image of GORE Quad CablesWe offer quadrax cables in specialty versions that align nicely with today’s high-speed serial data and video protocols. They transfer bi-directional signals at high speeds with tighter skew requirements and are proven to save weight on aircraft without compromising strength.

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GORE® FireWire® Cables

Image of GORE Firewire CableOur cables are the proven solution for copper-based 1394b FireWire data links because they transmit uninterrupted high-fidelity signals with flexure. They provide a protective barrier against complex installation and tough flight conditions and are proven to save weight on aircraft.

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GORE® Fibre Channel Cables

Image of GORE Fibre Channel CableWith a balanced, low-dielectric design, our cables enhance noise immunity and EMI suppression while maintaining consistent signal integrity regardless of the environment. They meet all industry requirements and have been flight-proven on many civil and defense airborne platforms.

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GORE® USB Cables

Image of GORE USB CableOur cable bundles are proven to deliver non-stop signals for instant data uploads/downloads while supporting the latest power management systems. Inflight Peripherals Ltd. contacted us when they wanted a solution that met their specific needs and requirements for their latest passenger in-seat module.

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Image of GORE HDMI CableBoth the 1.4 Cat2 and 2.0 versions of our cable bundles support high-resolution aircraft displays in cockpits and cabins. They reliably deliver quality signals for high-speed data and video transmission in a sturdy construction that’s also small and low-weight.

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GORE® DVI Cables (Digital Only)

Image of GORE DVI CableOur single-link cables are built specifically for the digital component of airborne DVI systems. They fit effortlessly into standard DVI harness designs with other components, stream data and video without failure in grueling conditions, and support high-resolution avionics displays.

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GORE® Fiber Optic Cables

Image of GORE Fiber Optic CablesFrom Simplex to ribbon cables, we’ve bundled standard optical fibers in rugged constructions that improve all aspects of protection and performance. Our award-winning 1.8 mm Simplex version is proven to meet new, more stringent requirements for added durability.

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GORE® Cable Protection Systems

Image of GORE Cable Protection SystemEngineered with thinner, lighter materials, we offer unique jacket systems that meet aircraft OEM and system supplier demands for extra durability. They’re purpose-built for packaging copper wires and fiber optics operating in extreme aircraft environments.

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GORE® Abrasion Resistant Cable Jacket

Image of GORE Abrasion Resistant Cable JacketWhen you want the highest levels of abrasion and cut-through resistance for copper wires, look no further than our revolutionary cable jacket. It’s thinner, lighter, more flexible, and proven to meet stricter industry standards for copper cables installed in cockpit and cabin seats.

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FireWire is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.