Advanced Solutions for Advanced Lighting Applications

Innovations in automotive lighting mean more compact, higher-value assemblies that often include sensors or electronics. These designs require higher levels of protection to maintain lamp clarity, performance and service life. Our vents offer you new solutions to protect and maintain lamp reliability for the life of the vehicle. 

These all-membrane adhesive vents can help advance the reliability and longevity of your lighting components by providing enhanced condensation reduction, pressure equalization and protection against entry of water, fine dust and dirt. These vents bond firmly and perform reliably under the most challenging environmental conditions. 

GORE® Automotive Vents for Headlamps

Image of Gore AVS 120 vent for automotive headlamps

NEW AVS 120: The next-generation AVS 9

AVS 120 provides our highest diffusive performance, enabling faster clearing times from the same part size as AVS 9!

Image of Gore AVS 113 vent for automotive headlamps

NEW AVS 113: The next-generation AVS 100

The combination designed to enable faster clearing: our highest diffusive performance while maintaining a strong surface-bond to housing.



The industry-standard footprint with proven life-of-vehicle condensation reduction, ingress protection and pressure equalization.

AVS 100

AVS 100

Offers easy installation (target frame optional) and spray resistance plus condensation reduction, ingress protection and pressure equalization.

GORE Automotive Vents for Rear Lamps

Image of Gore AVS 2 and AVS 5 vents for automotive rear lamps

AVS 2/5

This small-footprint solution sheds contaminants rapidly and won’t saturate — for extra protection from water, as well as dust and dirt ingress.

Image of Gore AVS 600, AVS 601 and AVS 602 vents for automotive rear lamps

AVS 600/601/602

Ideal for clear-lens rear lamps. Three sizes/two shapes with a larger diffusive area-per-footprint improve condensation reduction and design options: achieve higher Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates, a smaller footprint, or fewer total vents.

GORE Automotive Vents for Accessory Lamps

Image of Gore AVS 2 and AVS 5 vents for automotive accessory lamps

AVS 2/5

Get more design flexibility with these low-profile vents that equalize pressure while quickly shedding water and providing an effective barrier to contaminants.

Image of Gore AVS 118 and AVS 119 vents for automotive accessory lamps

NEW AVS 118/119

Our smallest-footprint vents fit the most space-constrained applications without sacrificing robust protection or reliable pressure equalization, even after water contact.

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For applications where condensation reduction is not a primary concern, here’s a solution for effective pressure equalization and protection from water, dirt and dust ingress:

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For additional information about any of the products below, please contact your Gore representative:  
AVS 43 • AVS 15/AVS 16 • AVS 17/AVS 18 • AVS 4/AVS 7 


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.