Water events are common, if phone inoperable, brand switching occurs.

  • 42% say their household had a water related incident with a mobile phone in the last year.

  • 81% said after the water incident, their phone had issues or became inoperable.

  • 26% consumers with an inoperable phone purchased a phone of a different brand. (Overall, 5% of households switch brands due to water events)

Water related Incident in Last Year?



 Venting - ME - Waterproof Persuasion Insight 7 - US 01

Gore commissioned a leading market research firm to conduct a survey of 5400 consumers in four countries (China, India, US and Korea) focused on smartphone ownership/usage patterns and attitudes about smartphone water resistance. An advanced statistical approach (adaptive choice based conjoint) was used to isolate and quantify the impact of 14 product features including brand, price and water resistance on the smartphone purchase decision. The survey was fielded in July/August 2019. Learn More