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This infographic illustrates the difference between non-membrane and standard membrane filter bags. Learn how GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags outperform both in terms of emission control, bag life, and energy costs.

Data Sheet: Fiberglass Fabric High Durability Filter Bag

A 260 °C (500 °F) maximum service temperature, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag for use in reverse air style dust collectors and where durability and chemical resistance are required.

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags for Carbon Black Production

GORE LOW DRAG Filters Bags offer carbon black producers the best solution for high-performance, cost-effective product collection. An innovative, proprietary ePTFE membrane, robust design and construction methods, and our expertise in application support and system optimization ensure high productivity and product quality while maintaining low cost of ownership.

Case Study Filtering Soda Ash using GORE Filter Bags

Consistent 1.2" H2O differential pressure has been maintained since installation of GORE membrane filter bags despite a 9" H2O excursion due to pulse-system failure. There has been no noticeable dust on the clean side of the tube sheet since installation. The first set of bags lasted three years.

Case Study Styrene Acrylinitrile Resin Rotary Dryer Filtering using GORE Filter Bags

Secondary after-filter blinding was eliminated. GORE membrane filter bags were cost justified in less than one month. Bag life was expected to approach two years. Customer quickly converted all SAN and ABS dryer systems to GORE membrane filter bags. Customer increased profits substantially in these areas.

Case Study PVC Spray Dryer Dustex Reverse Air Collector Filtering using GORE Filter Bags

Airflow increased by 10%. Production rated increased. Lower operating DP 1-2". Improved cake release eliminated product discoloration and product contamination. Bags attained 5+ years of service.

Case Study PVC - Paste Resins Conveying Line Collector using GORE Filter Bags

Lower operating DP (5"-7" DP) improved cake release, allowing increased airflow through collector. Bleed-through stopped, allowing capture of product. First set of bags lasted more than five years.

Case Study Toner Dust Jet Mill Collector Filtering using GORE Filter Bags

Results showed no visible emissions, excellent and consistent product yield, and secondary filter blinding significantly reduced. No bag failures since installation.

Case Study Carbon Black Dryer Exhaust Collector Filtering using GORE Filter Bags

Solution involved installing GORE Fabric Filter Bags. Results were sixty months of continuous, problem-free service, with excellent pressure differential.