Carter-Day baghouses, Florida.

Optimization Potential

Plant was experiencing high pressure drop, low product throughput, and high maintenance costs. Non-membrane polyester felt filter bags would develop high differential pressure almost immediately, with 12" H2O being experienced within three months, due to high ambient-moisture levels. The high differential pressures prolonged rail-car unloading and reduced the capacity of the system to convey soda ash to the process. In addition to frequent bag changes, the high differential pressure would cause dust leakage, which in turn caused visible emissions and increased maintenance during bag changeout.


A full set of GORE membrane/polyester felt filter bags was installed.


Consistent 1.2" H2O differential pressure has been maintained since installation of GORE membrane filter bags despite a 9" H2O excursion due to pulse-system failure. There has been no noticeable dust on the clean side of the tube sheet since installation. The first set of bags lasted three years.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.