MikroPul pulse-jet collector (224 bags) 12,000 cfm, 175°F; 4.4:1 air-to-cloth ratio; inlet loading: 72.8 to 97.0 gr/acf; particle size 10 percent submicron.

Optimization Potential

1. Severe bleed through; 2. Frequent after filter replacement and downtime. The fine, spherically shaped dust at high inlet loading migrated through every bag media tried previously. Secondary after-filters were blinded and changed out two to three times per week. Production loss downtime was excessive.


Installed a full set (224) of GORE membrane/polyester felt filter bags.


Secondary after-filter blinding was eliminated. GORE membrane filter bags were cost justified in less than one month. Bag life was expected to approach two years. Customer quickly converted all SAN and ABS dryer systems to GORE membrane filter bags. Customer increased profits substantially in these areas.