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Ensure superior sound and durability for your earbuds with GORE® Acoustic Vents.

Flyer for 10 ATM smartwatches

Gore launches two breakthrough products- GORE® Acoustic Vent and GORE® Pressure Vent for 10 ATM smartwatches, that enable smartwatch users to dive down to 100 meters without compromising performance or audio quality.

GORE MEMS Protective Vents brochure Style 300

Greater protection. Simpler design.

The GORE® MEMS Protective Vents - Style 300 is installed inside the MEMS microphone during the microphone packaging process to provide component-level IP68 water and dust protection without any special handling during the circuit board assembly process.

Our pioneering venting solution eliminates the need for a separate acoustic vent installed on the housing, reducing complexity and saving space in the acoustic channel of water-protected devices.

GORE MEMS Protective Vents brochure

GORE® MEMS Protective Vents provide proven protection for MEMS microphones during high-volume assembly of printed circuit boards.

Our venting solutions prevent particle contamination and pressure build-ups, while still allowing for in-process acoustic testing and seamless integration.

In an industry first – our latest venting solution, the GORE® MEMS Protective Vents – Style 300, also provides component-level IP68 water and dust ingress protection for mobile devices.

GORE Pressure Vents Product Model PE13 Brochure

The new GORE® Pressure Vents product model 13 offers nearly double the airflow of product model PE12 effectively minimizing speaker and receiver distortion caused by transducer bias.

GORE® Acoustic Vents - Product Model GAW342

The new GORE® Acoustic Vents Product Model GAW342 lets you take your mobile devices to the next level with greater contamination protection and deeper immersion capabilities while maintaining excellent acoustic performance and consistency.

GORE® Protective Vents - Solar Energy Systems - Brochure

GORE® Vents help manufacturers improve the cost-effectiveness, production efficiencies and life expectancy of solar energy systems and components.

GORE® Protective Vents - Telecommunication Systems - Brochure

High-value telecommunications components can benefit from higher reliability, and lower manufacturing, maintenance and warranty costs, with GORE Protective Vents.

GORE<sup>®</sup> Protective Vents - Lighting Enclosures - Brochure

Bright, reliable lighting can dramatically enhance the enjoyment – and safety – of public and commercial spaces and transitways. People feel safer and more secure when the places they park and walk have bright, working luminaires. But over time, environmental factors can degrade the luminaire’s original level of Ingress Protection (IP). This will allow damaging moisture and contaminants to enter the enclosure.

GORE® Protective Vents - Heavy Duty Equipment - Brochure

GORE® Vents reliably protect sensitive electronics from dirt, water, heat and humidity, to keep material handling, construction and agricultural equipment performing reliably in the harshest operating conditions.