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Gore’s custom coiled cable for radio communications.

Soldiers rely on radios to communicate real-time situational awareness for a competitive edge in the field. Coiled cables attached to these radios must be strong enough for battle, plus light and comfortable enough to avoid weighing soldiers down. Backed by decades of proven reliability, ground forces have relied on custom coiled cables from W. L. Gore & Associates in thousands of radio systems. Our defense cables deliver secure on-the-move communication among military units in a rugged, weight-saving design.

Gore’s custom coiled cable for high-speed data and video transfer.

Modern vectronics and carry-on equipment rely on cables to deliver fast, accurate Intel and uphold communication to ensure operational readiness, success and safety. As a trusted partner to ground forces, W. L. Gore & Associates offers a reliable coiled cable for high-speed data and video transfer that repeatedly outperforms conventional substitutes. Our custom coiled cable features a durable, compact design that defends against extreme combat conditions while reducing vehicle weight and equipment load and enhancing soldier comfort