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Image of GORE Automotive Vents for Exterior Lighting Product Portfolio

GORE® Vents provide life-of-vehicle protection to maintain the reliability of lighting systems that support vehicle differentiation and functionalities — for example, in EVs where thinner modular lamps can illuminate brand signatures and integrate new sensing/communication devices.

GORE Automotive Vents - Weldable Vents: 26 28 29 39 47 49 50 51 52 108

Describes the performance options (High Airflow and High Temperature) available in the Weldable Series for automotive electrical/electronic modules, (e.g. control units, sensors, actuators or motors). Includes performance characteristics as well as design and dimensions.

GORE<sup>®</sup> Automotive Vents - Snap-Fit Vents: AVS 14, 67, 70, 200 - Data Sheet

Describes the performance options (Standard, High Temperature, High Airflow, and Compact) available in the Snap-Fit Series for automotive electronic modules (control units, sensors, actuators and motors). Includes performance characteristics, installation recommendations, and testing methods/criteria.

GORE<sup>®</sup> Catalytic Device for Lead Acid Batteries

GORE® Catalytic Device is a development based on the world's most advanced ePTFE technology and catalyst sheet formation technology from Gore. This small catalytic device can be installed inside flooded lead acid batteries. For use in manifold type automotive flooded lead acid batteries.

Screenshot of AVS 22/AVS 23 Data Sheet

This document provides performance characteristics and specifications for GORE® Automotive Vents AVS 22 and AVS 23, suitable for rear lamps. Featuring a laminate construction, these low-profile adhesive vents provide a secure bond to the housing.

Drive Line - Tube-Mount AVS 41

Designed for high performance in both electrified and traditional Powertrain components. These compact and waterproof tube-mount vents provide responsive pressure equalization and reliable ingress protection that complies with global OEM standards including water wading, vehicle rollover and fluid containment.

series avs

Describes Gore's adhesive vent performance options (High Durability Series, and High Airflow Series) for automotive electrical/electronic modules (e.g., control units, sensors, actuators or motors). Includes performance characteristics as well as design and dimensions.

Weldable Vents

These weldable white circular cut-part vents have an all-ePTFE membrane (no backing material) that equalizes pressures while resisting urea and other environmental contaminants. Multiple installation options are available.

EPS system

To meet the venting requirements of EPS systems, Gore offers three performance options: the Standard Series (AVS 14), the High Temperature Series (AVS 67) and the Compact Series (AVS 200). All are easy to integrate, and balance responsive pressure equalization with reliable barrier protection.

Image of first page of data sheet

Find out how GORE® Acoustic Vents AVS 700 and AVS 701 can deliver a new level of acoustic quality, along with life-of-vehicle durability, to exterior microphones in automotive noise-canceling or traffic-sensing systems. Includes product performance characteristics and specifications.