To inspect GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials, follow these steps:

  • Gently remove dirt, dust or other foreign matter from the materials’ surfaces with a clean rag or cloth.
  • To determine if they can be repaired or must be replaced, inspect the materials and the quality of the installation for any damage.
  • Depending on their condition:
    • To repair GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Tapes, refer to the procedures below.
    • Replace GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Gaskets if there are nicks, cuts, gouges, delamination or saturation in any way.
    • Refer to the appropriate technical manual and procedures outlined in Gore’s installation guides and videos to replace Gore’s aerospace gaskets and tapes.

Procedures for Repairing the Tape

If GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Tapes become damaged, they can be repaired without having to replace the entire tape. After checking the aircraft surface to ensure all primers, paints and coatings are intact, follow these steps:

  • Mark the damaged area, ensuring that the joints are not near fastener holes
  • Slit the damaged section approximately 10 mm from the nearest fastener hole without damaging the aircraft or panel surface
  • Gently pull up the tape
  • Cut out the damaged tape
  • Remove the remaining adhesive with either isopropyl alcohol or adhesive tape
  • Apply light pressure to the remaining tape and ensure that both edges of the tape are properly sealed

Now, replace the damaged piece on the panel by measuring and cutting a replacement piece of tape. Allow for an overlap between 3-5 mm on both sides. Attach the replacement tape to the panel by laying it down flat and smooth – without stretching it – and ensure the piece overlaps on both ends. Then, apply light pressure to the replacement tape, ensuring there are no creases and both edges are sealed properly. To complete the repair, use an awl or scribe to punch a hole through the tape at each panel’s fastener without damaging the aircraft surface.

Learn More About GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials

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