.050" High Temperature Non-Burning Cable

The GTX602 series of GORE IDC Ribbon Cables are high temperature non-burning cables. These cables withstand extreme chemical and thermal environments, are vacuum compatible, and resistant to aging. The cables are robust and provide protection from mishaps during system assembly, operation, and repair.

The GTX602 cable series provide slower crosstalk, higher impedance, and lower capacitance than most .050" center cables on the market. The superior electrical characteristics allow longer cable lengths resulting in fewer limitations in design packaging, routing, and adjustment of cable lengths. These cables conform to UL Style 20453.

These cables are often used in areas subject to soldering operations and field repairs, petroleum environments, high reliability systems, and high temperature applications.

Key Features

  • .050” pitch
  • 28, 26, or 24 AWG conductors
  • Composite PTFE insulation

Key Benefits

  • Extreme thermal resistance
  • Chemical immunity
  • Low crosstalk
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Resistant to aging
With the cables' composite PTFE insulation, they're resistant to chemicals and extreme heat.
Ordering Information

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Property Unit 28 AWG 26 AWG 24 AWG
Voltage Rating RMS 300 300 300
Dielectric Withstand Voltage RMS 1500 1500 1500
Insulation Resistance MΩ*km 500 500 500
Characteristic Impedance
Ground, Signal, Ground Ω 125 105 90
Ground, Signal, Ground pf/ft 9.8 12.5 13.2
Time Delay ns/ft 1.15 1.17 1.18
Velocity of Propagation as % of air 92 90 88
Effective Dielectric Constant ε 1.18 1.22 1.25
Property 28 AWG 26 AWG 24 AWG
Temperature Range
Nickel-Plated Conductors –65°C to +260°C –65°C to +260°C –65°C to +260°C
Silver-Plated Conductors –65°C to +200°C –65°C to +200°C –65°C to +200°C
Unplated Conductors –65°C to +150°C –65°C to +150°C –65°C to +150°C
Chemical 28 AWG 26 AWG 24 AWG
Acids: Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, Nitric Excellent Excellent Excellent
Alkalis Excellent Excellent Excellent
Aliphatic, Aromatic Excellent Excellent Excellent
Halogenated Good to Excellent Good to Excellent Good to Excellent
Alcohol Excellent Excellent Excellent
Overall Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent