Flex applications in high-speed automated and other high-stress devices can cause the highest quality round cables to fail. Over time — and especially in low-vacuum settings and/or in extreme temperatures — the constant flexing and/or abrasion can degrade and fatigue the cables.

GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables Application Image

High-stress environments can degrade and fatigue cables over time.

In such applications, ribbon power cables outlast standard power cables. The flex life of ribbon cable is 100 times longer than that of round cable, and ribbon cable is one-fourth the weight of round cable. Ribbon cable reduces the mass of moving cable bundles, allowing greater acceleration, less vibration and oscillation, and decreased wear.

GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables provide reliability and superior flex life performance in these demanding, high-stress environments. The cables also demonstrate superior durability despite abrasion, the effects of which can be exacerbated in extreme temperatures. In fact, the GFX617 cable series has sparked a small revolution in high-speed, continuous-flex applications because no other cables on the market can demonstrate comparable flex life.

GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables

With the cables’ composite PTFE insulation, they’re both durable and flexible.

The GFX617 cable series is .050" pitch ribbon cable with conductors available in either 28 or 26 AWG. The cables conform to UL Style 20453, and are often used in linear motion, inspection, and pick-and-place applications.

In high-stress environments where round cables and other ribbon cables may eventually fail, GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables provide the toughness and flexibility to ensure reliable performance over time.

Features & Benefits

GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables deliver the robust construction and flexibility needed in high-stress environments. The cables feature:

  • .050" pitch
  • 26 AWG or 28 AWG conductors
  • conductor plating: silver, nickel or unplated
  • composite PTFE insulation

As a result, manufacturers and end users report:

  • superior flex life
  • prevents system downtime
  • reliable performance in demanding environments
  • non-outgassing for vacuum environments

Additionally, Gore’s worldwide engineering team provides superior sales and technical support. If you have any questions about the cables’ features or benefits, please contact us.


GORE IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables demonstrate the superior electrical, mechanical and flexing properties required in high-speed, continuous-flex applications.

For the full list of properties, please download the product data sheet

Ordering Information
GORE™ IDC High Flex Ribbon Cables Ordering Information

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