Cable Performance and Specifications

GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects were developed with Gore’s more than 50 years of success in providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions for electronics applications, including those on spacecraft. They provide unrivaled performance with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), our proprietary material insulating the cable that is both chemically inert and thermally stable. This unique construction delivers a host of benefits compared to alternative products, including:

Ideal Size, Bending Radius, and Flexibility

To allow for simple installation in tight spaces without sacrificing signal transmission strength and quality, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects are compact and feature a minimum bending radius. They also offer a high number of individual lines in each bundle to increase the cable’s flexibility. What’s more, their lightweight construction decreases weight on the spacecraft, resulting in less energy required at launch.

Excellent Signal Control

Where tight impedance control is necessary, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects offer excellent signal integrity, minimum noise and outstanding electromagnetic capability (EMC). They also reduce time delay and skew of signal transmission – all while minimizing electromagnetic interference requiring less power. As a result, spacecraft systems have low signal attenuation and crosstalk, with frequencies up to 3 Gbit/s range.

Time-Effective Speeds

With high transmission speeds from synchronously matched interfaces, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects provide outstanding clock synchronization between individual lines that distribute time-sensitive signals. In addition, their tightest 100-ohm impedance of individual signal pairs contributes to transmitting data as quickly and securely as possible.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Space Applications

Gore’s LVDS interconnects meet a host of technical specifications according to ESCC 3902/002, and they are also listed on the ESA Qualified Parts List (QPL). Further, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects are produced in an ESA-qualified and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturing facility, which delivers valued reliability for applications like China Satellite, SKYNET5, INMARSAT4 and more. Typical uses include:

  • Narrow-band interconnects
  • Interbox connections
  • Wideband interconnections

Multiple connector options are available as well. To discuss your unique application’s needs, contact a Gore representative.

How to Order GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects

In addition to these benefits, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies, LVDS Interconnects for traditional space applications are also backed by superior sales and technical support from Gore’s worldwide engineering team. For more information or to discuss your application, contact a Gore representative. If you’re ready to make a purchase, contact a distributor today.