Corrosion and mechanical forces such as continuous vibration can severely damage aircraft structures over time. Consequently, RNLAF operators discovered chafing damage on floor structural beams. The paint was worn away to expose bare metal, setting the conditions for continued wear and corrosion and ultimately requiring repair or replacement of the helicopter structure. They also discovered similar chafing on engine cowlings and various access panels throughout the aircraft.


Gore engineers worked closely with the RNLAF to install GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Tapes, 110 and 700 Series to the panels and structure of a CH-47 helicopter. The structure was cleaned prior to installation, and Gore’s 700 Series tape was applied to the floor beams. Gore's 110 Series tape was also applied to floor panel mating surfaces along the panel perimeter. In addition, they installed the 700 Series tape on the engine mounts and cowlings at key panel contact surfaces to protect chafing caused by vibration, as well as panels and mounting surfaces.


Ultimately, GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Tapes provided a durable, low-friction barrier that absorbed the effects of repeated vibration, thus reducing chafing damage between the panels and structure. Thorough testing proved how effectively Gore’s tapes provided a sacrificial protective barrier by reducing friction and protecting the underlying helicopter structure from damage. While damage to the structure is inevitable in some places, the effects can be minimized with durable tapes that can endure mechanical forces over a longer period. Protection can be restored by replacing only the damaged tape areas, leaving the undamaged tape in place, which provides a more cost-effective option than structural repair or replacement.

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Tapes eliminated the need for the RNLAF to repair or replace the CH-47 Chinook structure – reducing labor, downtime and lifecycle costs. As a result, the RNLAF installed Gore’s tapes to other comparable structures throughout the helicopter and achieved similar results during operational use.

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