GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are engineered from expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). To prevent chafing damage caused by the abrasion of the aircraft’s panels against the airframe structure, our expanded PTFE tape installed between the panel and structure provides a durable, low-friction barrier to absorb the effects of airframe vibration.

Easier Installation in Less Time

Our materials are significantly easier to install than polysulfide FIP seals. They eliminate cure time for sealing and protective materials, reducing manufacturing cycles and direct maintenance time. These materials don’t require special equipment or training to install either.

They maintain their protective performance over multiple open/close cycles, which translates to fewer replacements and re-work of seals and significant savings in personnel time during production and maintenance.

Unlike traditional two-component materials, GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials require no mixing, masking or clean-up after installation. This non-hazardous material reduces environmental impact, disposal costs, and improves safety for installation personnel.

Decades of Successful Applications

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are proven by more than 30 years of successful applications on several military and civil helicopters. For example, the 700 and 720 Series tapes effectively seal access panels and protect against abrasion and aviation fluids. For fuel and environmental sealing, die-cut gaskets provide precision sealing. And the 110 Series tape effectively seals windshields and panels.

For more information, view the instructional videos at www.gore.com/skyflex

Learn More About GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials for Helicopters

Our lightweight, non-curing materials provide durable seals on panels, fairings, and floorboards while protecting surfaces against vibration damage. They’re easier and faster to install while remaining flexible and compliant over multiple open/close cycles for durable protection against corrosion and the ingress of water, fuels, and oils. 

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are available in form-in-place tapes or die-cut gaskets. For more information or to discuss your specific rotorcraft application’s sealant needs and requirements, contact a Gore representative today.

Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.