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Cell Phones

GORE® Vents for Cell Phones

High-volume handset manufacturers trust vents from Gore to enhance acoustic performance and reliably protect devices designed for consumer environments.

GORE Vents for Digital Cameras

GORE® Vents for Digital Cameras

Camera vents from Gore reliably protect against immersion and the elements, including dust, rain and splashes.

Mobile Handheld Computer Scanners

GORE® Vents for Mobile Handheld Computer Scanners

Handheld computer scanner vents from Gore effectively protect in harsh industrial environments, and comply with IP standards.

Other Portable Electronic Devices

GORE® Vents for Other Portable Electronic Devices

Manufacturers of portable electronic devices and accessories rely on Gore acoustic and pressure vents to boost product environment ratings.

Two-Way Radios

GORE® Vents for Two-Way Radios

Two-way radio vents from Gore deliver acoustic quality and reliable protection for demanding military, industrial and first-responder uses.