Hydrogen Show HoustonThis show was dedicated to the development of new technologies and the promotion of hydrogen into the commercial mainstream for a wide range of applications. Gore's unique reinforced composite membrane technology helps system designers and manufacturers break through the 'performance-cost-durability' trade-off. Our composite structure creates a thin yet durable membrane with high proton conductance and low permeance.

Decades of high-quality, high-volume fuel cell component manufacturing and significant investments in advanced material technology have helped us set the industry standard for quality, consistency and reliable product supply.

Presenter with an audiencePlease complete the form below to download the presentation, Advances in Composite Membranes Design for Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis, given at the show by Paul Kiernan, application specialist in Gore’s Clean Energy Business Group. In this talk, Paul discussed the application of fuel cell technology to high-efficiency, large scale water electrolysis systems

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