Our virtual booth will be a unique experience for both attendees and our experts to meet with live chats. At Gore’s virtual booth, attendees can:

  • See a video presenting our technical knowledge and expertise in fuel cells and learn about Gore, our portfolio of PEMs (proton exchange membranes), MEAs (membrane electrode assemblies) and catalyst coated membranes (CCM).
  • Chat with one of our experts and ask questions about our products to help meet your future vehicle application needs and requirements.

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We truly believe in sustainability and providing products that benefit our environment and the global economy. That’s why we’ve continued to invest in fuel cells for almost 30 years and support National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day in the U.S every year on 10/08.

Today, we’re the leading global supplier of PEM technology for all commercial fuel cell passenger vehicles like the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. As one of the pioneers in the industry, we’re proud that our GORE-SELECT® Membranes are now the standard for automotive applications.

Our membranes are also used in other applications — from drones, forklifts, and portable chargers for mobile phones to combined heat-and-power generators for home use.

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