At Gore, our global reputation and financial success are a direct result of the strong values that are the foundation of our company's culture. Because the individual conduct of every Gore Associate can have a profound impact on our company, we must live up to these values, acting responsibly, with integrity and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which Gore does business.

Our Standards of Ethical Conduct is a summary document that explains Gore's policies and procedures and guides us in conducting our business with integrity, legally and ethically. All Gore Associates have received a copy of these standards in their native languages and have undergone training in applying them during the course of business activities. Complying with the legal and ethical issues addressed in this document is a condition of employment with Gore.

The document also sets the standards to which we hold agents, consultants, distributors and other third parties who represent us or our products worldwide. Meeting these standards is a contractual obligation.

If you become aware of anything that violates, or appears to violate, the Associates’ Standards of Ethical Conduct or any applicable law, regulation or company policy, we ask that you report your concerns using the Integrity Helpline.