Gore improves lives through advanced materials. In the case of our technology for fabrics, we don’t just improve lives; sometimes we save them.

GORE® Fabrics are worn by everyone-from amateur cyclists to adventurers in our planet’s most extreme climates. Our fabrics are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, firefighters, police and the military, and even protect first responders from chemical exposure. From gloves and footwear, to flame-retardant jackets, our fabrics provide a superior combination of comfort, durability and — most importantly — protection.

Our proprietary ePTFE membrane, coupled with our expertise in how to tailor it, makes this possible. ePTFE is inherently waterproof, windproof and chemically inert. For each application, we consider the physical requirements of the fabric and adjust the ePTFE membrane to maximize its inherent properties to meet those requirements.

For instance, GORE-TEX ACTIVE PRODUCTS offer superior water-beading for cyclists and other athletes wanting to reduce moisture accumulation, either from sweat or rain. For this application, we’ve engineered the ePTFE membrane for maximum breathability — allowing sweat to vaporize — while repelling wind and rain. This is all possible in an extremely light fabric that allows for sustained athletic movement.

In chemical situations, meanwhile, our fabrics protect against heat and toxins. In addition to being chemically inert and minimally flammable, ePTFE is engineered in these situations to repel contaminated particulates. As with the active products, fabrics like GORE® CHEMPAK® engage ePTFE’s inherent breathability to reduce heat and sweat buildup, allowing its wearers to focus on the task at hand and not physical discomfort.

We’ve also devolved anti-static fabrics for highly flammable environments, like airfields and petrochemical manufacturing facilities. With Gore antistatic fabric technology, workers can rest assured that electrical sparks from static discharges won’t permeate the sealed, protective membrane layer of their uniforms.

For each application — whether it concerns outdoor activities, military operations or even space exploration — we ask questions:

  • In what climate will this fabric be worn?
  • What physical actions will the wearers take?
  • Will they be exposed to fire, wind, chemicals or extreme cold?
  • What do wearers require of fabrics in order to survive?

By asking these questions, pursuing solutions through materials science, and then performing several stages of tests in real-world scenarios and in the laboratory, we protect wearers of GORE® Fabrics wherever they go.