Working in Our Unique Culture
Our founder Bill Gore once said, "The objective of the Enterprise is to make money and have fun doing so." And we still believe that, more than 50 years later.

"Make Money and Have Fun"

Our founder Bill Gore once said, "The objective of the Enterprise is to make money and have fun doing so." And we still believe that, more than 50 years later.

Because we are all part owners of the company through the associate stock plan, Gore associates expect a lot from each other. Innovation and creativity; high ethics and integrity; making commitments and standing behind them. We work hard at living up to these expectations as we strive for business success. But we also trust and respect each other and believe it's important to celebrate success.

Gore is much less formal than most workplaces. Our relationships with other associates are open and informal, and we strive to treat everyone respectfully and fairly. This type of environment naturally promotes social interaction, and many associates have made lifelong friends with those they met working at Gore.

Do Something You're Passionate About

At Gore, we believe it's important to have passion for what you do. If you're passionate about your work, you are naturally going to be highly self-motivated and focused. If you feel pride and ownership, you will want to do whatever it takes to be successful and have an impact. So when you apply for an opportunity at Gore, be sure you're going to be passionate about the work you'll be doing.

The Lattice Structure and Individual Accountability

Gore's unique "lattice" communication structure is a nonhierarchical system based on interconnection among associates. This non-hierarchical system fosters personal initiative, encourages innovation and promotes direct person-to-person communication.

You will be responsible for managing your own workload and will be accountable to others on your team. More importantly, you will make commitments (for example, a task, a project, or a new role) that support team priorities. Once you make a commitment, you will be expected to meet it. A "core commitment" is your primary area of concentration. You may take on additional commitments depending on your interests, the company's needs and your availability.

Relationships and Direct Communication

Relationships are everything at Gore--relationships with each other, with customers, with vendors and suppliers, and with our surrounding communities. We encourage people to build and maintain long-term relationships by communicating directly. Of course we all use e-mail, but we find that face-to-face meetings and phone calls work best when collaborating with others.


Everyone at Gore has a sponsor, who is committed to helping you succeed. Sponsors are responsible for supporting your growth, for providing good feedback on your strengths and areas that offer opportunities for development, and for helping you connect with others in the organization.

Is Gore a Good Employer for You?

Gore isn't for everyone, but it just may be the best place for you. Do you...

  • Have a passion for innovation?
  • Enjoy working with others on small teams?
  • Work best in a non-hierarchical environment without a title or a boss?
  • Respect the knowledge of others and collaborate to make decisions?
  • Build long-term relationships with your colleagues through direct communication?
  • Want to make a difference through products that enhance the quality of life?

Learn More

  • If you're serious about working for Gore, we invite you to review this short questionnaire to see whether your expectations align with ours.
  • Read our Associate Stories to learn more about our culture and how it affects our day-to-day work.

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