Our heritage of more than 30 years of failure-free flight performance in 80+ spaceflight programs has proven that GORE® Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies maintain electrical and mechanical integrity in the harsh environment of space.

The 2.92 MM Right-Angle Connector for Spaceflight Applications

Gore's box right angle connector with internal swept pin
Gore's box right angle connector with internal swept pin

Traditional box right-angle connectors are often associated with poor VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) performance, particularly at frequencies approaching 18 GHz. This is because many box right-angle designs employ a bifurcated (two-part) internal contact. While the bifurcated configuration allows for easy assembly and low cost, its shape does not lend itself to good internal impedance control or to a robust solder connection.

Gore's ZQA connector incorporates the physical advantages of the box right-angle designs - i.e., low profile and compact size - while maintaining electrical performance comparable with conventional straight connectors. Gore replaced the two-piece bifurcated concept with an internal swept right-angle configuration. The ZQA provides a more robust design with superior impedance control, maintaining a low reflection path as the signal transitions from cable through connector.

As a 2.92-mm instrument grade connector, the ZQA adheres to IEEE 287 standards for precision coaxial connectors with respect to inner conductor, outer conductor, and contact height dimensions. As with other instrument grade connectors, the ZQA uses dielectric support at its interface, making the ZQA extremely durable while still providing excellent overall electrical performance and intermateability with SMA, 3.5-mm, and 2.92-mm air interface connector types without worry of adverse electrical or mechanical effects