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Gore’s portfolio of high data rate cables for aircraft & defense vehicles.

Aircraft and military vehicle OEMs can review a complete list of selected, pre-qualified copper, fiber optic and hybrid cable samples from W. L. Gore & Associates. This way, you can validate our standard products in your specific application with lower technical and business risks to your program.

Gore’s portfolio of high-speed data transmission cable assembly solutions for aerospace & defense applications.

Avionics and vectronics require high-performance wires and cables that can deliver superior signals and fast data transmission speeds, even in demanding conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates offers a portfolio of solutions that fulfill those needs while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs.

Mastering Complexity in the Evolution of Smartphones

In order to maintain optimal acoustic performance in ever-evolving smartphones, manufacturers need to excel in complexity. Discover how a leading tech company secured their share in the market by mastering this challenge and learn how Gore empowered them to do so.

Thumbnail image of document entitled “Ready To #TAKECHARGE of Your Electric Vehicle’s Reliability? Supply Chain Weighs In”

Gore Automotive Supply Chain leaders share strategies and insights about the ways Gore’s innovative approach is helping EV industry leaders achieve a smoother transition to a more sustainable future.


Find out how Gore is contributing to a clean energy future with innovative, high-powered and reliable fuel cell components — like Proton Exchange Membranes that can optimize the cost of ownership in motive and stationery power generation applications. Our GORE-SELECT® Membranes incorporate new-generation technologies that offer OEMs superior uniformity, higher power density and improved chemical and mechanical durability. 



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在此篇问答文章中,W. L. Gore & Associates(戈尔公司)燃料电池技术的全球产品专家Shinichi Nishimura讨论了燃料电池在运输行业脱碳方面的潜力。凭借对膜电极组件(MEA)所发挥的关键作用的敏锐关注,Shinichi提供了针对这一关键组件的宝贵见解和专业知识。


戈尔是质子交换膜(PEM)燃料电池行业的先行者,在质子交换膜表征和测试领域居于前沿地位。我们和全球产品专家Simon Cleghorn探讨了戈尔在燃料电池产品测试方面的能力,以及这些能力如何使客户获益,并加速向净零排放转型。

Gore’s PEM helping reduce Total Cost of Ownership



选择能够满足客户要求的合适质子交换摸(PEM)可能是一个挑战。我们与戈尔产品专家Chow Mun Hoe进行了对话,探讨了如何利用关键因素,实现理想的燃料电池系统性能。