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2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards - Platinum Honoree

The 1.8 mm Simplex of GORE Fiber Optic Cables is recognized among the best by the 2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized W. L. Gore & Associates as a Platinum honoree.

GORE® Fiber Optic Ribbon Cables up to 12 channels for Air & Defense

Supporting system designers and engineers, W. L. Gore & Associates’ ribbon cables are manufactured with rugged materials proven to withstand the volatile conditions experienced by aircraft and military vehicles everywhere. They maintain high-speed communications up to 12 channels on avionics and vectronics digital networks.

The 900 micron version of GORE® Fiber Optic Cables for Air & Military

In a small, light size and rugged construction, this version from W. L. Gore & Associates offers easy routing, greater shrink-back reduction and shorter sample termination times with a similar level of crush resistance as our other Simplex cables to protect sensitive components.

GORE® Fiber Optic Cables, 1.2 mm Simplex for Aerospace & Defense

Advanced systems in aircraft and armored vehicles depend on reliable high-bandwidth data and video cables. Designed for complex airborne and defense digital network applications, this version from W. L. Gore & Associates balances mechanical strength with a slim, lightweight design accommodating tight installation paths.

Gore’s portfolio of high-speed data transmission cable assembly solutions for aerospace & defense applications.

Avionics and vectronics require high-performance wires and cables that can deliver superior signals and fast data transmission speeds, even in demanding conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates offers a portfolio of solutions that fulfill those needs while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs.

Image of an F-16 fighter jet in flight

Our cables and materials have participated in decades worth of civil and defense aircraft programs. We offer a wide selection of high-speed data cables, microwave/RF assemblies, airframe sealants, and more. 

Gore’s portfolio of high data rate cables for aircraft & defense vehicles.

Aircraft and military vehicle OEMs can review a complete list of selected, pre-qualified copper, fiber optic and hybrid cable samples from W. L. Gore & Associates. This way, you can validate our standard products in your specific application with lower technical and business risks to your program.

GORE High Data Rate Cables

Complete a short form to get instant access to drawings for GORE® High Speed Data Cables for aerospace and defense applications. Drawings from W. L. Gore & Associates are valid only at the time of printing.

Gore’s reliable solutions for UAM aircraft, VTOL aircraft, & electric VTOL aircraft design.

W. L. Gore & Associates supports the emerging aviation ecosystem by offering innovative and proven solutions to help ensure safe passenger air taxi service, cargo drone delivery and future combat air systems.

Improving Cables Performance in Harsh Environments thumbnail

W. L. Gore & Associates examines constraints that may have an impact on cable performance. Also examined is the process involved in selecting the right materials based on sufficient testing to verify cables will survive and perform reliably in the harshest environments.