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Cables & Cable Assemblies

Listed below are global distributors authorized to supply bulk wires and cables manufactured by W. L. Gore & Associates. We offer an extensive portfolio of proven trustworthy products that has served many industries since the 1950s — including aerospace and defense, semiconductor and microelectronics, industrial and manufacturing, plus more.

Contact one of these trusted distributors when you’re ready to purchase our solutions. Or, contact us to talk to a Gore representative today about your specific application needs and requirements.

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GORE High Data Rate Cables


Complete a short form to get instant access to drawings for GORE® High Speed Data Cables for aerospace and defense applications. Drawings from W. L. Gore & Associates are valid only at the time of printing.

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Gore’s products in aerospace and defense systems.

With a storied legacy spanning over 60 years, W. L. Gore & Associates develops technology innovation and delivers reliable solutions to aerospace and defense companies. We’ve provided time-tested and proven components and materials to aerospace and defense suppliers — from the first moon landing to today’s aircraft and ground defense

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Gore’s products in defense aircraft and land systems

W. L. Gore & Associates' storied legacy for over 60 years is why defense companies trust and depend on our products. We continue developing technology innovation and delivering mission-critical components and materials to defense suppliers that perform reliably in demanding air and land conditions. We engineer our products right, from the outset — saving you time and money and so much more.

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Gore cables & materials in a V-22 Osprey helicopter.

W. L. Gore & Associates supports enduring and future fleets by delivering reliable cables and materials proven to ensure mission-critical success, rotary-wing survivability and personnel safety. Spanning over 60 years, our storied legacy is why aerospace and defense companies continue to rely on and trust our innovative products — because no one wants to go back there twice.

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Gore’s high-performance wires in a military EV.

Land Systems Defense Land Systems

Military ground forces are contemplating vehicle electrification to simplify maintenance and reduce logistical problems associated with fossil fuels. But, electrification means increasing voltages to avoid weight gain in wiring systems. On the other hand, higher voltages put more electrical stress on wires and risk physical damage. Luckily, W. L. Gore & Associates is on duty to solve these challenges with an optimal solution.

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