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This infographic illustrates the difference between non-membrane and standard membrane filter bags. Learn how GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags outperform both in terms of emission control, bag life, and energy costs.

Data Sheet: Fiberglass Fabric High Durability Filter Bag

A 260 °C (500 °F) maximum service temperature, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag for use in reverse air style dust collectors and where durability and chemical resistance are required.

Case Study: Cement Producer, Mexico - GORE® LOW DRAG™ Filter Bags help achieve maximum kiln feed rate

A producer of cement in Mexico was looking to consistently meet maximum kiln feed. The plant selected GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags to replace its existing membrane filters. The bags’ new membrane promotes increased airflow through the baghouse with persistently low differential pressure.

Case Study: Cement Producer, Canada - GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags optimize operations for greater clinker production rates and decreased energy consumption

Cement producers need filtration solutions that meet both their productivity goals and their bottom line. When a cement plan in Canada looked for ways to improve operations in its pulse-jet baghouse, they found a simple solution that didn’t require adding more modules to the baghouse.

Data Sheet: Fiberglass Fabric GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag

This long lasting, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag is the latest technology for reverse air style dust collectors, enabling operation in high temperature environments (260 °C, 500 °F). It comes with our new GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag which has inherently less resistance to airflow and therefore provides a variety of benefits.

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ETV Joint Verification Statement for GORE Baghouse Filtration Products.

Rusty cage video

Learn how to restore a rusty cage for use in GORE Filter Bags.

Pulse jet installation

View the proper way to install GORE Filter Bags in a pulse jet dust collector.

3 Easy Ways To Find Leaking Filter Bags in a Baghouse

Dust on dirty tube sheets can make it difficult to isolate the source of dust leaks. Be sure to thoroughly clean tube sheets before doing black light testing.

GORE Industrial Baghouse Filters: Membrane Construction

To keep your system optimized we are constantly improving the performance of our membranes. Each new generation directly leads to increases in productivity. A wide variety of GORE® membranes and specially developed backing materials are available.