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Low Drag Filter Bags for lead processing Case Study

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags incorporate an entirely new class of membranes that acts as a true surface filter in fume and fine powder applications. The membrane provides excellent particulate capture efficiency, dust cake release and filtration performance. It can be operated at a lower differential pressure (dP), resulting in fan energy savings, longer bag life and improved process control.

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This infographic illustrates the difference between non-membrane and standard membrane filter bags. Learn how GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags outperform both in terms of emission control, bag life, and energy costs.

Data Sheet: Fiberglass Fabric High Durability Filter Bag

A 260 °C (500 °F) maximum service temperature, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag for use in reverse air style dust collectors and where durability and chemical resistance are required.

Filter Cartridges datasheet

A 204 °C (400 °F) maximum service temperature, stayed-aramid felt filter cartridge for use in pulse jet style dust collectors where high differential pressure and high cleaning pressures are required due to aggressive dust loading.

Data Sheet: Fiberglass Fabric GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag

This long lasting, acid-resistant fiberglass fabric filter bag is the latest technology for reverse air style dust collectors, enabling operation in high temperature environments (260 °C, 500 °F). It comes with our new GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag which has inherently less resistance to airflow and therefore provides a variety of benefits.

laminated info

A 190°C (375°F) maximum service temperature, polyphenylenesulfide felt filter bag for use in pulse jet style dust collectors subject to chemical attack.

gore-tex fabric

ETV Joint Verification Statement for GORE Baghouse Filtration Products.

Rusty cage video

Learn how to restore a rusty cage for use in GORE Filter Bags.

Pulse jet installation

View the proper way to install GORE Filter Bags in a pulse jet dust collector.