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Case Study: Cement Producer, Mexico - GORE® LOW DRAG™ Filter Bags help achieve maximum kiln feed rate

A producer of cement in Mexico was looking to consistently meet maximum kiln feed. The plant selected GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags to replace its existing membrane filters. The bags’ new membrane promotes increased airflow through the baghouse with persistently low differential pressure.

Case Study: Cement Producer, Canada - GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags optimize operations for greater clinker production rates and decreased energy consumption

Cement producers need filtration solutions that meet both their productivity goals and their bottom line. When a cement plan in Canada looked for ways to improve operations in its pulse-jet baghouse, they found a simple solution that didn’t require adding more modules to the baghouse.

GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Improving Process Efficiency in TiO2 Production

Read the following case study to learn how GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags make the difference in the production of TiO2 by helping you to reduce the need for offline cleaning while improving your production efficiency at the same time.

Image of front page of the Case Study of GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Longer Bag Life and Stable Operation in Talc Micronizers/Mills

Due to the need for longer life-time of pulse jet filter bags in jet mill baghouses, a leading talcum producer installed three different filter bags. Read the full case history to learn more about the added value of GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags.

Case Study: GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Lower Differential Pressure and Higher Air Flow in a Carbon Black Purge Gas Baghouse

A carbon black producer sought to improve process stability, production efficiency and bag life in their purge gas operations.
Therefore, the customer removed their incumbent filter bags and equipped the baghouse with GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags.
For the duration of this trial, the cleaning-pulse pressure was reduced from 6 bar to 4.5 bar. All other process parameters were identical to those used for the incumbent bags.

Case study front page: GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Longer Bag Life and More Stable Operation in Refining Catalyst Production

A multinational producer of alumina catalyst desired longer pulse jet filter bag life and steadier operation in their dryer bag house. For this trial, they installed GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags on an identical backer.

Image of case study GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags — Low Emissions, Lower Pressure Drop, Longer Bag Life and Stable Operation in TiO₂ Production

A multi-national TiO₂ producer had installed a set of standard Aramid bags. Shortly after their installation, the baghouse experienced an ongoing steady increase in pressure drop (dP).

As a result, the service life of these bags was short: just one year. These bags also suffered from problematic intermittent emissions. Learn how Gore helped solve the issues.

Image of case study GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Lowered Emissions in Carbon Black

A carbon black manufacturer faced a need to maintain filtration emissions to the lowest level possible to ensure regulation compliance and increase energy production  efficiency.

Image of case study GORE® LOW DRAG™ Filter Bags – Reducing Differential Pressure in Carbon Black

A carbon black manufacturer faced the need to lower dP in the baghouse in order to increase airflow through the reactor – and, as a result, increase production. The manufacturer also wanted to extend the service life of its filter bags to lower the overall cost of ownership.

Partial image of case study LOW DRAG Filter Bags Steel Plant Virginia

Energy costs can greatly impact profitability in the steel industry. Learn how a steel plant in Virginia managed to decrease its energy costs substantially while increasing its performance at the same time thanks to the use of GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags.