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Gore’s Ethernet 2-pair cables at speeds up to 1 GHz

From advanced digital networks to video systems, safe, efficient operation demands high-speed data transfer without interruption. This version from W. L. Gore & Associates has a smaller form factor that maintains data transfer speeds up to 1 GHz and exceeds crosstalk requirements in challenging environments.

Gore’s portfolio of high-speed data transmission cable assembly solutions for aerospace & defense applications.

Avionics and vectronics require high-performance wires and cables that can deliver superior signals and fast data transmission speeds, even in demanding conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates offers a portfolio of solutions that fulfill those needs while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs.

Image of an F-16 fighter jet in flight

Our cables and materials have participated in decades worth of civil and defense aircraft programs. We offer a wide selection of high-speed data cables, microwave/RF assemblies, airframe sealants, and more. 

Gore’s portfolio of high data rate cables for aircraft & defense vehicles.

Aircraft and military vehicle OEMs can review a complete list of selected, pre-qualified copper, fiber optic and hybrid cable samples from W. L. Gore & Associates. This way, you can validate our standard products in your specific application with lower technical and business risks to your program.

GORE High Data Rate Cables

Complete a short form to get instant access to drawings for GORE® High Speed Data Cables for aerospace and defense applications. Drawings from W. L. Gore & Associates are valid only at the time of printing.

Gore Aerospace Cables and Materials

Aircraft weight savings is an important design and modernization consideration to increase payload, fuel efficiency, range and time on station. W. L. Gore & Associates offers reliable solutions that reduce the size and weight of copper, fiber optic and coaxial cables.

View global distributors authorized to supply bulk wires and cables from W. L. Gore & Associates. Our extensive product portfolio has reliably served many industries for decades — including aerospace & defense, semiconductor & microelectronics, industrial & manufacturing, plus more.

Avionics in Commercial Airliner

W. L. Gore & Associates identifies the risks of using standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors to meet higher data transmission requirements in avionics. Our engineers also evaluate connector configurations against more suitable aviation connector designs to achieve reliable 10-GB BASE-T data transfer.

GORE Ethernet Cat6a Cable

Watch Grant Lawton, Engineer for Aerospace and Defense with W. L. Gore & Associates, demonstrate how easy it is to route Gore’s compact 10-Gb/s Ethernet cables terminated with leading connectors through tight spaces of exiting airframe bulkheads.

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W. L. Gore & Associates provides a test report for their 4-pair Cat6A Ethernet cables, part number RCN9034-24. Prepared by Govmark, the report outlines Gore’s compliance to BSS7230 for Flammability, BSS7238 for Smoke Density and BSS7239 for Toxicity.