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Find out how Gore is contributing to a clean energy future with innovative, high-powered and reliable fuel cell components — like Proton Exchange Membranes that can optimize the cost of ownership in motive and stationery power generation applications. Our GORE-SELECT® Membranes incorporate new-generation technologies that offer OEMs superior uniformity, higher power density and improved chemical and mechanical durability. 



GORE® Protective Vents - Adhesive Vents Product Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide



GORE Automotive Vents - Weldable Vents: 26 28 29 39 47 49 50 51 52 108

Describes the performance options (High Airflow and High Temperature) available in the Weldable Series for automotive electrical/electronic modules, (e.g. control units, sensors, actuators or motors). Includes performance characteristics as well as design and dimensions.

Product Information for GORE® Protective Vents and GORE® Performance Membranes

Find out which specific GORE Protective Vents or GORE Performance Membranes you need for your gas sensor solutions.

GORE® Protective Vents - Adhesive Vents Product Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

Low-profile Adhesive Vents are available in both standard and custom designs, offering the most flexible options: for manual or automated installation, for interior or exterior mounting on enclosures, and for adhesion to rough or smooth substrates. 


スピーカーやレシーバーは開口部が大きいため、水や液体、粒子が入り込みやすくなっています。さらに、構成部品の永久磁石が金属粒子を引きつけるため、スピーカーの上に蓄積されることもあります。これらの粒子の質量が増加すると、ダイヤフラムが発生できる音圧が制限され、音質が著しく劣化します。工業用途向け ゴア®産業アコースティックベントは、このような音響劣化から保護します。ゴアの音響科学の専門知識と革新的なメンブレン技術を応用し、水やその他の液体、粒子の浸入を効果的に防ぎながら、ベント性能、音質、機器の信頼性を向上させる新製品を開発しました。ゴアの優れた液体&ダスト保護用400シリーズは、保護と音響性能の驚くべき組み合わせを提供します。


工業用途向けゴア® 産業アコースティックベントは、30年以上にわたる音響科学の専門知識と最新の技術で、ベントソリューションを提供しています。最新のベント製品である400シリーズは、優れた液体およびダスト保護用で、挿入損失を低減し、音響品質を向上させます。同時に、機器の寿命を低下させる可能性のある水やその他の液体、粒子粉塵に対して高レベルの保護機能を提供します。

GORE® Protective Vents - Heavy Duty Equipment - Brochure

How do Your Electronics Survive in Harsh Environments?

Dirt, water, humidity, and high temperatures: Equipment used in heavy-duty industries must be able to reach peak performance even in the harshest conditions.


GORE® Acoustic Vents for Industrial Applications combine the latest technological advancements with more than 30 years of acoustic science expertise to provide venting solutions for varied industrial applications with sound monitoring or voice-control features. Our newest vents, Series 400 for Superior Fluids & Dust Protection, reduce insertion loss to provide enhanced acoustic quality. At the same time, they deliver Gore’s highest level of protection against water, other fluids and particles that could degrade device reliability and longevity.