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Product Information for GORE® Protective Vents and GORE® Performance Membranes

Find out which specific GORE Protective Vents or GORE Performance Membranes you need for your gas sensor solutions.

Gore Product Selection Guide for 5G Test Systems-cover

Selecting a reliable, high-performing microwave/RF cable assembly can eliminate many of the common problems associated with test systems.

Based on the extensive experience working with leading test equipment OEMs and RF components/modules manufacturers, Gore developed a selection guide to assist engineers in selecting the right microwave/RF cables for specific test applications for 5G test.

To download the Product Selection Guide from Gore, please tell us more about yourself.

Gasket Product Selection Guide

Gasket Product Selection Guide

Product Selection Guides, 252.5 KB

Guide to verify that the application meets GORE® Gasketing qualifications, and to narrow the selection of products.

Sealants Technical Recommendation Request

Technical Recommendation Request

Product Selection Guides, 875.93 KB

Please fill in this form, so our experts can provide you with torque guidelines, product recommendations or installation guidance for your specific application.

Please note: This form cannot be filled out online. To request a recommendation for your application:

  • Download the form to your computer. 
  • Open the PDF form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
  • Fill out the front of the form and click the "Submit" button on the form to email it to Gore.

How to Select an Acoustic Vent screenshot

How to Select an Acoustic Vent?

Product Selection Guides, 402.99 KB

Portable electronics are continually exposed to conditions that can cause device failures and customer dissatisfaction, and choosing the right venting material is key to obtaining reliable protection and quality acoustic performance.

Spray Resistant material

Acoustic Vents Competitive Comparison

Product Selection Guides, 291.81 KB

Within the realm of resistive acoustic venting, no product exists today that can meet IP64 standards without robust housing designs to block and manage water exposure. Gore has designed products that maximize dust and spray protection at your desired acoustic performance level, providing improved protection levels and improved design success for IP64 standards.

Satellite With GORE® Space Cables For Traditional Space Applications

Due to operating conditions in space that are the harshest imaginable, space programs must have complete confidence that the cables connected to critical systems will continue to perform under that stress. And because repairs are not easy to make outside of planet Earth, these cables must not only be rugged but also boast decades of proven success. That’s where GORE® Space Cables for Traditional Space Applications from W. L. Gore & Associates come into play.

Cable Selection Checklist screenshot

The Cable Selection Checklist will assist you in identifying the issues you need to discuss with your cable manufacturer when selecting the right cable for your specific application and environment. Although you may not be able to complete all of the sections, it will be helpful if you are as specific as possible in the data you can provide.