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Find out how Gore is contributing to a clean energy future with innovative, high-powered and reliable fuel cell components — like Proton Exchange Membranes that can optimize the cost of ownership in motive and stationery power generation applications. Our GORE-SELECT® Membranes incorporate new-generation technologies that offer OEMs superior uniformity, higher power density and improved chemical and mechanical durability. 

GORE Automotive Vents - Weldable Vents: 26 28 29 39 47 49 50 51 52 108

Describes the performance options (High Airflow and High Temperature) available in the Weldable Series for automotive electrical/electronic modules, (e.g. control units, sensors, actuators or motors). Includes performance characteristics as well as design and dimensions.

GORE® Protective Vents - Adhesive Vents Product Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

Low-profile Adhesive Vents are available in both standard and custom designs, offering the most flexible options: for manual or automated installation, for interior or exterior mounting on enclosures, and for adhesion to rough or smooth substrates. 


GORE® Acoustic Vents for Industrial Applications combine the latest technological advancements with more than 30 years of acoustic science expertise to provide venting solutions for varied industrial applications with sound monitoring or voice-control features. Our newest vents, Series 400 for Superior Fluids & Dust Protection, reduce insertion loss to provide enhanced acoustic quality. At the same time, they deliver Gore’s highest level of protection against water, other fluids and particles that could degrade device reliability and longevity.

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Speakers and receivers have larger apertures, so water, fluids and particles can enter more easily. Additionally, their permanent magnets attract metal particles that can accumulate on top of the speaker. The increasing mass and weight of these particles limits the sound pressure the diaphragm can produce, significantly degrading sound quality. GORE® Acoustic Vents for Industrial Applications protect against this type of acoustic deterioration.

GORE® Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft

To improve in-flight connectivity to wireless networks, choose W. L. Gore & Associates’ leaky feeder antennas. While passengers enjoy easy access to the Internet, email and in-flight entertainment, aircraft benefit from better signal propagation and reduced hardware required in the cabin for reliable connectivity.

Gore’s custom coiled cable for radio communications.

Soldiers rely on radios to communicate real-time situational awareness for a competitive edge during defense ground missions. Backed by decades of proven reliability, durability and comfort, the military has relied on tailored-made coiled cables from W. L. Gore & Associates in thousands of radio systems.

Gore’s custom coiled cable for high-speed data and video transfer.

Modern vectronics and carry-on equipment rely on cables to deliver fast, accurate Intel and uphold communication to ensure operational readiness, success and safety. As a trusted partner to ground forces, W. L. Gore & Associates offers a compact, durable custom cable for high-speed data and video transfer that repeatedly outperforms conventional substitutes.

Image of PEM for Water Electrolysis data sheet

GORE PEM M275.80 for Water Electrolysis helps to reduce the energy requirements of electrolysis stacks with its ability to operate effectively at high and low current densities and variable power levels within seconds. Additionally, thanks to our PEM’s low gas permeability and high energy efficiency, PEM electrolysers can safely produce more hydrogen gas per unit of energy input.

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Gore’s acoustic membrane vents provide consistent high-quality sound, in styles and configurations designed to meet the full range of ingress protection standards, from dust applications to deep immersion applications.