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GORE® Thermal Insulation has unique properties of low thickness (< 300 μm) with conductivity less than air (< 0.02 W/(m•K) ) and therefore presents challenges in characterization. A test methodology incorporating a modified heat flow method, ex-situ thickness method, and two thickness conductivity calculation is used to provide reliable and accurate thermal conductivity data. Conductivity results show the distribution of data falls below the conductivity specification of 0.02 W/(m•K).



Visual of Hydrogen plant and new GORE® PEM for Water Electrolysis

Rainer Enggruber's presentation focuses on the development priorities for proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis (WE) systems to deliver a lower levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) to meet global clean energy demands in a net-zero economy.

Protein Capture Device Chromatography productivity calculator

Discover how rapid cycle Protein A membrane chromatography can boost your antibody purification process productivity by trying the new GORE® Productivity Calculator.

A few quick inputs and you will see the difference high flow, high binding membranes can make. Please fill out form below to request the document.

Gore Acoustic Design Guide PDF Thumbnail

This guide explains how the right approach to acoustic design can help you optimize all of these factors to ensure the best possible balance of protection and acoustic performance for your device.

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IATF 16949: Certificate

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Gore Automotive Certification: IATF 16949:2016

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ISO 9001 Certificate

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Gore Quality Certification: ISO 9001: 2015

This certification means that W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH maintains a Quality Management System that fully conforms to ISO 9001:2015, an internationally - recognized standard that was reviewed and reconfirmed in 2021. The ISO 9001:2015 principles of quality management — such as customer focus, process approach and continual improvement — are fully integrated in the design, manufacture and sales of Gore’s PTFE-based membranes and vents for automotive applications.

GORE Cable Protection Systems termination instructions

W. L. Gore & Associates developed step-by-step instructions based on our best practices for terminating our cable protection systems for aerospace and defense with M85049/88 connector backshells, adapters and backshells with a similar banding platform.

The first page of the ISO14001 certificate.

ISO 14001 Multi-Site Certification

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This multi-site certification states that the Performance Solutions Division (PSD), and all listed plants of W. L. Gore & Associates maintains an Environmental Management System that fully conforms to ISO 14001:2015, an internationally recognized standard. The ISO 14001:2015 principles of environmental management – such as environmental policy, implementation and operation, and continual improvement – are fully integrated in the design, manufacture, and sale of all the products at the applicable plants.

Extended Water Entry Pressure Test Guideline

Extended Water Entry Pressure Test Guideline

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The guidelines are based on Gore’s best practices in eWEP (extended Water Entry Pressure) testing for GORE® Portable Electronic Vents. Please follow the guidelines to conduct the eWEP testing to minimize water leakage failures caused by test issues.

Various Protective Vents products

To ensure that our products deliver the performance and reliability that you expect, we conduct various tests and use key performance indicators during vent production.