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Reliability Testing of GORE® Protective Vents in LED Luminaires

JANUARY 2013 // This 12-month test evaluates the effects of changes in temperature, pressure and humidity on two IP66-rated outdoor LED luminaires – one with a GORE® Vent, one sealed. Results show that venting, to equalize internal pressures, improves luminaire reliability.

Reliability in Network Infrastructure

FEBRUARY 2014 // After up to 11 years in the field, 29 tower-mounted amplifiers and combiners with GORE® Vents were inspected and integrity-tested. 100% of the units exceeded recommended airflow and 90% passed the IPX7 immersion test, demonstrating the vents’ exceptional reliability.

How to Extend the Service Life of LED Outdoor Lighting

AUGUST 2014 // This paper provides data from long-term studies that demonstrate how integrating a GORE® Protective Vent can extend the life of LED outdoor luminaires, by protecting against seal-stressing pressure differentials, condensation formation and ingress of contaminants.

Impact Of Environmental Hazards On Internal Soiling Within Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Modules

2013 // This paper details the value of using robust, IP6Y-compliant GORE® Vents to effectively block the water and contaminants that could otherwise compromise a solar module’s expected 25-year lifespan.

Condensation Reduction in Security Cameras

FEBRUARY 2015 // This study compares the performance of two IP66-compliant methods for reducing condensation in security camera housings. The GORE® Protective Vent was much more effective than desiccant at dissipating moisture, preventing seal failure and subsequent ingress of liquids.

Temperature Cycling Tests to Evaluate Product Life

JULY 2014 // These tests of vented and non-vented IP66-rated junction boxes demonstrate that GORE® Vents can help lengthen solar equipment service life, because they preserve seal integrity, block liquids and contaminants, and effectively diffuse water vapor to minimize condensation.

Reliability Testing of GORE® Protective Vents in Telecommunication Enclosures

MAY 2013 // Both vented and non-vented IP67 telecommunications enclosures were tested for reliability after exposure to real-world challenges: sudden temperature changes, temperature changes with concurrent water exposure, and repeated cycles of hot/cold and wet/dry conditions.