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Dramatic Waterborne Moon Lights Keep Shining with GORE<sup>®</sup> Protective Vents

S&D International Co., Ltd. is one of Korea’s leading luminaire manufacturers. Their Moon Light is designed to provide dramatic illumination while floating on water. S&D partnered with Gore to achieve an easy-to-install solution to all the environmental challenges – including wide temperature fluctuations, seal-stressing pressure differentials, and protection from ingress of contaminants and water – that could compromise the Moon Lights’ beauty and reliability.

Halogen Lamp Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions On Deck

Floodlights used on ships such as fishing trawlers, container ships, pilot boats, and ferries must be able to withstand particularly rough weather conditions. The FL42 halogen lamp developed by WE-EF is used by ship equipment suppliers around the world to provide on-deck lighting that can cope with temperatures as low as −40°C.

Efficiency of LED Luminaires Significantly Increased

WE-EF develops, manufactures, and markets high quality lighting for outdoor use. The focus is on innovative optical systems, good heat management, and high IP ratings. Its aim is to design lighting that is extremely durable and efficient despite harsh climatic conditions. This is a particular challenge in the case of the LEDs that WE-EF uses in newer street and area lighting luminaires.