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GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Protective Vents Increase Performance of Protective Cases by Eliminating Vacuum

Pelican engineers knew that they needed to account for pressure differentials. The 0450 Mobile Tool Chest would be transported around the world and often dropped from an airplane. Rapid altitude changes can cause pressure on the seals to increase from about 2 psi (140 mbar) to almost 16 psi (1,105 mbar) in the short period it takes to reach the ground.

GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Protective Vents Protect Surfboards from Damage by Sun, Sand and Water

Infinity Surfboards Company, located in Dana Point, California, designs a wide range of surfboards for a variety of surfer interests. The heat from the sun caused the air inside their surfboards to expand and the resulting pressure build-up caused delamination of the epoxy skin to occur.

GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Protective Vents Enable Battery Outgassing in Waterproof Enclosures

BriarTek, Incorporated, the global manufacturer of ORCA® man-overboard alarm systems, needed to outgas the batteries from the sealed alarm enclosure to prevent internal buildup, while meeting the Ingress Protection 67 (IP67) standard for water immersion.