Driving Innovation: Lasting Relationships by Excellence and Teamwork

Industry Challenges

Gas emission and air quality have never been monitored as ubiquitously as they are today. With environmental concerns growing as well as health and safety regulations tightening, the need for O2 and H2 sensors increases correspondingly. Innovations now enable the integration of increasingly precise gas sensors into progressively smaller devices, setting parts per billion as the imminent standard.

Within this dynamic market, the paramount challenge is dual: consistently deliver quality while anticipating and advancing technological evolutions. As dedicated material scientists and reliable collaborators, we're passionate about propelling our EC sensors clients to new heights—through exceptional products and collaborative innovation. Here's our approach:

Collaborative Approach

As a dependable and innovative long-term partner, we offer our customers more than just high-quality products; we provide collaborative relationships.

Collaboration, exchange, and communication are the cornerstones of our customer relationships. EC sensors industry players recognise that it takes work, commitment, and joint efforts to reach common goals.

This give-and-take mindset and the approach of growing better together, is what we value dearly in our customer relationships. Because this way, the best possible solution does not limit itself to being a product or a technology — it can also be about empowering our partners to pioneer novel processes.

Gore has continuously improved and enhanced its membrane solutions for gas sensors – thanks to the ambition of our engineers as well as the feedback and trust we received from our customers.

Driven by the ingenuity of our engineers and bolstered by invaluable customer feedback and trust, Gore has continually refined its membrane solutions for gas sensors. Today, our customers benefit from the GORE® Performance Membranes across a diverse array of gas sensors. These unique ePTFE membranes, renowned for their gas permeability and outstanding functionality in electrochemical sensor cells, cater seamlessly to the EC and gas sensor market’s evolving demands:

  • increased lifetime
  • improved measurement stability
  • reduced production costs
  • better accuracy
  • rapid response time

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Our customers value the stability, consistency, and high quality that we offer. Without the GORE® Performance membrane, customers could not manufacture their electrochemical sensor. 

Through collaborative innovation and mutual inspiration, we've achieved significant advancements in our Gore membrane technologies, enhanced customer products and shaped the industry. As a result, Gore has stood as a trusted partner in the industry for over 30 years, effectively addressing the multifaceted challenges of the EC sensor market.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.