Reliable Flex Life Performance

GORE Ethernet High Flex Round Cables provide motion control and vision systems with reliable, high performance flex life and signal transmission requirements for Gig E and data applications. These assemblies should be used to avoid bit errors at gigabit per second data rates in moving Ethernet systems. GORE Ethernet High Flex Cables provide peace of mind when reliable system performance and equipment uptime are critical.

GORE Ethernet High Flex Round Cables have been tested beyond 20 million cycles in rolling flex motions on bend radius of 50 mm. In addition, these cables showed a stable signal transmission during flex. GORE Ethernet High Flex Round Cables are specifically designed to meet the demands associated with motion control and vision systems.

Characteristic CAT 5e/100 m Standard
Delay/Skew 538 ns/45 ns
Characteristic Impedance 100 ohms ±10%
Crosstalk ELFEXT (min. at 100 MHz) 23.8 dB
Attenuation (max. at 100 MHz) 26.4 dB
Attenuation (max. 1000 MHz) 130 dB


Key Features

  • Cables can be customized
  • Low particulation PVC jacket

Key Benefits

  • Prevents lost data/data integrity problems
  • Longer fl ex life (beyond 20 million flex cycles)
  • Prevents system downtime


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