Steel Electric Arc Furnace

Optimization Potential

As furnace productivity increased spark damage began to occur and the baghouse inlet temperature often reached or exceeded the allowable temperature for the polyester media being used. The plant added an evaporative cooling tower to stop the sparks and keep the temperature down. While the evaporative cooler kept the temperature down, spark damage persisted. In addition, the conventional polyester bags weakened due to hydrolysis. The bags also stretched requiring frequent retensioning.


Replaced the existing woven polyester bags with GORE ePTFE membrane filter bags with 10 oz/sq yd acid resistant fiberglass backing and optimized system settings.


Bag failures stopped since the GORE ePTFE membrane and the fiberglass backing material are not subject to hydrolysis and resist spark damage. The bags have not required tensioning since start up. Furnace suction and shop evacuation have improved due to the more consistent operation of the baghouse.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.