Aeropulse pulse-jet collector (1,800 bags); gas flow: 56,000 acfm at 140°F; air-to-cloth ratio: 3.3 gross:3.9 net; inlet loading: 8.7 gr/acf; particle size: less than 5.0 mm.

Optimization Potential

High pressure drop (more than 6") across conventional polyester felt filter bags after nine months of service caused a reduction in dryer vacuum, forcing a ten percent decrease in production. The company continued at a reduced production level for an additional 2.5 months, until bags could be changed out during an annual two-week shutdown.


GORE membrane/heavy duty polyester felt filter bags were installed.


The first set of GORE membrane filter bags lasted 50 months and provided more than 48 months of service at maximum production. Over a four-year period, three bag changeouts were averted, saving $43,200 in labor and $32,400 in bags. Higher production rates for 10 months (4 years x 2.5 months/year) resulted in additional production worth $1,058,000. Total savings over a four-year period is estimated to be more than $130,000.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.