Lead Oxide (PbO) Barton Process. Eight Scientific pulse-jet dust collectors; four have 144 bags at 9,000 cfm and 6.33/1.00 air-to-cloth ratio; four have 192 bags at 12,000 cfm and 6.33/1.00 air-to-cloth ratio.

Optimization Potential

Continuous emission monitoring (ambient air sampler) requires stringent control system.


Installed GORE membrane/heavy duty polyester felt filter bags (16 oz/yd felt) in all eight collectors.


Original set of GORE membrane filter bags were in service for more than three years and were removed during a planned maintenance shutdown. Emission levels measured less than required by standards/regulations during this operational period. Pressure drop was controlled via photohelic set to initiate cleaning at 5". Bags cleaned down readily to 3". Filter-bag analysis revealed that they had lost less than five percent of the original Mullen burst strength. Permeability was still well within the operating requirements, and the overall condition was excellent. Expectations for the next set are at least four years of life. It was recommended that W. L. Gore & Associates perform a complete filter-bag analysis prior to removal.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.