Ferroalloy –Submerged Arc Furnace 50% and 75% FeSi

Optimization Potential

The baghouse differential pressure was very high while operating with non membrane woven fiberglass filter bags. The reverse air cleaning had to be assisted by sonic horns causing disturbance to the neighboring community. This restricted gas flow limited furnace power input and alloy production. Bag life was only one to two years.


Optimize system settings and replaced the existing non membrane woven fiberglass bags with GORE ePTFE membrane bags with 10 oz/yd2 acid resistant fiberglass backing.


Eliminated the need for sonic horns and dramatically decreased baghouse pressure drop. Gas flow increased significantly, even with fewer filter bags than had originally been used in the non membrane sytem.

With the increased furnace draft furnace power increased by 11% with 75% FeSi, and 14% with 50% FeSi, allowing increased alloy production. Bag life exceeded eight years with the first set of GORE membrane fiter bags.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.