Rail-car loading. Two pulse-jet baghouses (208 bags).

Optimization Potential

Rail-car loading rates were restricted due to frequent cleaning of downstream filters. The conventional coated and/or treated polyester felt filter bags, at 1.5:1 air-to-cloth, did not prevent bleed-through of the fine microns (0.5 - 25) pigments until the differential pressure across the bags restricted product throughput. Vacuum pump intake filters had to be removed and cleaned every three hours, further reducing loading rates. Diffusers were installed, but no improvement was noticed. Filter bags were replaced every three months due to a 12" H2 O differential pressure.


The diffusers were removed and GORE® membrane/polyester felt filter bags were installed.


Loading rates increased consistently by 50 percent. Downtime for cleaning of downstream filters was eliminated. Differential pressure was reduced to less than 0.5" H2 O. Bag-replacement intervals were extended to 14 months.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.