GORE Cover, the fully integrated composting solution for the treatment of organic waste. Recognized as the leader for in-vessel composting worldwide, GORE® Cover is cost efficient to install and operate while providing optimized process control for producing consistent high quality compost and effectively controlling odors and emissions.


GORE Cover is approved and proven in more that 150 composting plants in more than 20 countries. GORE Cover meets the strictest of regulatory requirements worldwide. Facilities using GORE Cover are fully comparable with established technologies – without the need for expensive buildings and bio-filtering installations.


The unique design flexibility of GORE Cover means that it is capable to process a variety of input materials be it green waste, food waste, source separated organics, biosolids or MSW and for input volumes from as little as 2,000 tons to greater than 200,000 tons per year.

About Waste Treatment

Everett, USA
GORE Cover is all about waste treatment - and saving money

Whoever wants to survive in the long run has to:

  • increase the efficiency of plant throughput performance
  • create a return on investment by marketing the highest quality compost as end product
  • reduce initial investment and running costs
  • ensure that the plant adheres to all legal regulations by operating within threshold limits at all times

In this challenging business environment GORE Cover represents trendsetting technology for aerobic, organic waste treatment using special semi-permeable membranes. It offers plant operators an identical performance profile and the same environmental protection as halls, tunnels, boxes or containers – at substantially lower costs.

Globally, GORE Cover – as the market leader – is used in over 150 composting and organic waste treatment plants, with a total plant throughput amounting to more than 2 million tons per annum.

Today, fully enclosed waste treatment plants can be operated highly economically – with GORE Cover.

Complete System

GORE Cover is more than a cover – it’s a complete system

The system behind GORE Cover

GORE Cover stands for a comprehensive aerated system proven in multiple sites. It is equipped with an oxygen controlled, positively aerated system and an oxygen and temperature monitoring device. This creates ideal composting conditions within the heap while efficiently trapping odors and other emissions such as dust and VOCs. This results in a higher throughput on a smaller footprint of composting area – with little energy consumption and human involvement. Biological washing and filtration is not necessary.

System support by Gore

In addition to the supply of the laminate and the technical system Gore provides intensive training to ensure sustainable operation of the treatment process.

Thus GORE Cover combines a number of advantages in one product: higher throughput combined with cost effectiveness in terms of personnel, energy consumption and approved regulatory conformance.

GORE Cover Components

Winding gear


Ventilator station


GORE Cover


In-floor aeration channels


Drainage system




Control Unit


Tarpaulin retainer


Oxygen/Temperature probe


Temperature profile probe


Technical Applications

One solution for a wide spectrum of technical applications

GORE Cover allows professional plant operation under the following conditions:

  • As a textile in-vessel system

  • As a heap or as a box shaped solution

  • In new plants or as a retrofit

  • From deserts to extreme cold environments

  • From manual handling to mechanised handling of covers with machinery

  • From hundreds to many thousands of tons of annual throughput


Whatever is thrown its way, GORE Cover can handle it

From yard waste to food waste, from green cuttings to digestate, from source separated organics to manure, from catering waste to paper sludge, from fish waste to slaughterhouse waste: There is few organic waste we can think of that has not been successfully treated with the GORE® Cover system. In every case the system has proved its flexibility, has never caused complaints about odor emissions and always delivers high class compost for a successful marketing approach.

As a result of an increasing number of waste water plants there is a strong trend towards the composting of biosolids. Whilst compost from biosolids offers a lot of environmental benefits, processing the input material is challenging (it has a high moisture content, is rich in nitrogen, contains potential pathogens) and requires a high degree of process control.

The key to successful MSW treatment is volume and moisture reduction to achieve landfill criteria as defined by national regulations. Alternatively Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) can be produced to generate energy from waste.

Within this context the GORE® Cover system is ideal as fully capable stand-alone solution for processing pre-screened MSW. But it has also been proven to solve troublesome odor issues when curing MSW which was initially treated in a tunnel system.


Innovative waste treatment leads to high-quality products

With a pore size of approximately 0,2 µ it is also an effective barrier against spores and microbes. Comparative tests have proved that the system reduces the output of bio-aerosols by > 99%, thus ensuring that plant workers and nearby residents are well protected. As required by law pathogenic microbes are safely destroyed by the heat generated during the treatment process. With its low emissions (i.e. VOCs, ammonia, dust), GORE Cover technology offers a cost-efficient way of complying with all applicable legal regulations.

Full service for customers

GORE Cover is sold by partners and system suppliers all over the world. In addition to custom made GORE Covers, control and aeration systems and user-specific handling options, a whole range of complementary customer services are available. These range from help with site layout, commissioning, training and marketing of compost, to full support with new or individual challenges in the field of organic waste treatment.

Partners with expertise in composting markets have a long track record in their countries and regions and are able to use their extensive experience to install excellent systems.

This special partnership completes GORE Cover’s role in producing high-quality compost.
Well done.