Gore reveals its pioneering new range of portable electronic acoustic vents for Mobile Electronic applications

– enabling maximum design flexibility without compromising acoustic performance.

ELKTON, Md. (September 21, 2017) – As mobile and wearable technology continues to advance, manufacturers remain at the mercy of their devices’ most vulnerable part: the aperture. GORE’s new range of acoustic vents turn this weakness into a strength: allowing designers greater aesthetic control, whilst surpassing the acoustic performance standards of their industry-leading predecessor, GORE® Acoustic Vent product model GAW333, and providing IP68-rated protection– at depths of up to two meters for one hour.

The new GORE® Acoustic Vents – product models GAW337 & 338 now offer the choice of black and white color options, which provide ultimate design flexibility and unmatched performance, even at ID1.0mm, for the handset developer community.

“When we crafted our new acoustic vents, the main aim was to engineer a vent that provided our customers with the innovation we are renowned for,” said Terry Dai, Product Specialist for GORE® Portable Electronic Vents. “That’s what GAW337 & 338 delivers: our smallest format with fantastic acoustics and exceptional water protection. Technologically speaking, this little vent is a huge step forward in the evolution of size and acoustic performance.”

Unparalleled acoustic quality

The new GORE Acoustic Vents deliver exemplary sound performance, setting a benchmark for size and functionality. The GAW337 product offers a lower insertion loss at ID1.0mm than its forebear, the GAW333 product (~2.6dB vs ~6.0dB), while the GAW338 product also outperforms the GAW334 product for insertion loss at ID1.0mm (~6.6dB vs ~11.5dB).

“Our primary focus for the new GORE Acoustic Vents – product models GAW337 & GAW338 was a reduction in the vent size, while improving the acoustic performance with a 100% ePTFE GORETM membrane.” said Terry Dai.

Robust water resistance and exceptional design flexibility

Available in both standard and custom sizes – with white-colored hydrophobic and dark-colored oleophobic membranes – the new GORE Acoustic Vents standard part incorporate a durable acrylic adhesive that maintains a secure, watertight bond to the component in temperatures ranging from -20 to 85° C, ultimately protecting devices – with our robust water resistance – at depths of up to two meters for one hour.

For more information about GORE Portable Electronic Vents, visit: gore.com/portableelectronics or call 1-800-523-4673 (USA).

About GORE® Portable Electronic Vents

Gore is the global leader in venting solutions for portable electronic consumer devices. Our acoustic and pressure venting technology provides our customers with optimal venting solutions, balancing the trade-offs amongst problems such as adverse operating environments, immersion events, acoustic performance, space constraints, device assembly challenges and cost. Furthermore, our acoustic modelling capabilities enable our customers to accelerate the development of robust acoustic solutions, while our resilient and agile global supply chain enables us to support the largest programs and fastest ramps. For more information about GORE® Portable Electronic Vents, visit: gore.com/portableelectronics or call 1-800-523-4673 (USA).

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