AGC Biologics webinar Protein A

Explore exclusive research and analysis on the future of protein A purification, the potential of single-use protein A membrane capture devices and the opportunities they offer over costly resin columns during antibody drug development.

Webinar overview:

Protein A purification using resin columns is labor-intensive, costly, and fraught with inefficiencies and bioburden risks that can put your project over budget and lengthen your timeline to the clinical phase.

Our webinar will help developers understand the future of this new technology and how it can be implemented alongside a single-use upstream process for more effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing to accelerate your journey into the clinic.

What you'll learn:

  • Overview and benefits of new single-use Protein A capture technology
  • Purification productivity data: single-use devices vs. standard resin at lab and manufacturing scales
  • Opportunities for risk reduction during clinical stages
  • Benefits single-use devices offer to the manufacturing process, including how they can be paired with single-use bioreactors to create a fully disposable manufacturing process
  • R&D review: how to implement protein A membrane device into traditional manufacturing flows

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