Get Samples of Gore’s Most Popular High Data Rate Cables
for Civil and Military Applications

Gore offers a wide variety of high data rate cables that support the latest protocols, such as Ethernet, Fiber Optics Simplex, USB, HDMI and more. They deliver lifelong performance in small, lightweight and routable designs. All of our cables have undergone substantial qualification testing to ensure they meet stringent specifications of current standards and customer requirements.

For example, GORE Aerospace Ethernet Cables exceed Cat6a requirements exceed requirements and are approved on the Society for Automotive and Aerospace Engineers (SAE) AS6070/5 and /6 Qualified Parts List. This new industry standard supports the AS50881 EWIS (electrical wiring interconnection systems) specification for high-speed data cables.

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IMPORTANT! Samples are provided based on alignment to Civil and Military Aerospace Programs. International requests may be limited due to additional documentation required to cover duties and importation requirements.


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