Design Your GORE® High Flex Flat Cable

Gore High Flex Flat CableThis form enables you to: 

  • Choose from the most common components used in the industry to begin building your own cable that meets your specific application needs and requirements.
  • Choose your desired core for each pod. You can choose up to two cores per pod.
  • Describe the application in which the cable will be used. Optionally, you can estimate your initial and annual quantity requirements.

Once you submit the form, a Gore representative will contact you.

For more information or to discuss your specific application needs, please contact us at +1 800 311 3060.

For information about GORE® Trackless High Flex Cable, send us an email.

Our customized high flex flat cable solutions have revolutionized the flat panel and semiconductor equipment industries. They enable higher yields with high reliability that help reduce particle formation and optimize flex life for high-precision, automated machinery applications.