SemiCon China - March 14-16 2018 - Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Gore showcases full portfolio of innovative solutions for the Semiconductor and Microelectronics industry

Increased process yields, reduced equipment downtime, improved throughput, faster data transmission, and lower costs are all driving the demand for high-performance, cost-effective solutions. At the largest microelectronics event in China, we’ll display our wide range of products that help meet these challenges and the stringent requirements for purity and reliability.

Our high flex cables are an ideal solution for semiconductor and flat panel equipment applications because they provide reliable mechanical and electrical performance under high flex conditions where other cables fail. These cables also meet the latest protocols for Ethernet, USB, Camera Link™ and more by delivering excellent signal integrity for high-speed data transmission over longer distances in environments where motion control and visions systems are critical. As the original creator of trackless cables, our self-supporting high flex cables eliminate the need for a cable track or chain completely for a more simple and cost-effective cable management system.

Whether you need trackless cables or cables used inside an energy chain, our high flex solutions for complex cleanroom, vacuum, and low-charging environments solve many challenges associated with particulation, outgassing, chemical inertness, vibration, size and weight.

Other capabilities that will be on display at the exhibit include general interconnects, test cable assemblies, and sealants.

Find out more about our products by scheduling an appointment with our product specialist during the exhibition. Send an email today to our sales representative at